Seriously, I'm not just saying this because I want you to give me your money. I am saying it because as a mom, wife and daughter myself, I know how precious time can be! We say "oh next season" or maybe next year even, but in reality, why wait?! If it is a money thing, SAVE! Save up little bits here and there until you can pay for your favorite photographer (coughMEcough). If it is because you are in a busy season, what a way to slow down and do something for YOU!

Do the birthday session, do the anniversary session, do a just because I love my partner session and we want to celebrate US! Yes, I am here for it all! I get so excited because I get to tell your story! I get to capture who you are, right now!

I guess, I am supposed to talk about what can you expect. Well, you get me, hype woman. I will be here during the whole process. You even get a swag bag at your session! Just follow this page to find out more! 

you expect?

What can

Tacoma, WA Wedding Photographer 

- Amiya & Sky

"Allison kept up the energy during our session and had no problems getting wet and messy. she made my partnerand i feel very at home in front of the camera and she found the fine line between playful and professional. her photos are bold and eye catching just like her. we had so much fun working with her."

- McKena & Zach

"Allison has been my go to photographer for over 5 years now- despite feeling like I’m not photogenic, my jaw is literally on the floor after I get my photos back each and every time! Her ability to adapt to photographing in different environments while producing gorgeous images is astounding. Allison is not only SO professional, but so sweet and energetic, and even if you don’t know her personally, you’ll feel like a best friend is taking photos of you!"

This is a great question! Everyone has a different style and it is SO important that you love your photographers style and coloring when it comes to your sessions. Please, do not ask us to change it! My style is very true to life coloring. I strive for my photos to relay a timeless, but modern feel. They are fun and lively, but romantic. Most of all, I tell your story. They will be genuine to your personality and relationship as a couple.

What is your photographic style?


All of my edits are hand edited! I will apply and batch edit most colors and corrections, but each and every photo is hand edited. I will edit out unsavory aspects, or a random photobomber. I will edit out scars at your discretion, pimples, and bruises. Unless stated by you, those are my top retouches. I will not edit your body. You are perfect the way you are! 

Do you offer retouching, color adjustment, or any other editing services?


YES! I pride myself in knowing how to shoot in every lighting situation. I 100% believe that every photographer needs to know this. I have done sessions in thunder storms, rain, sun, wind and snow. I will say this, I will not put my clients in any weather situation that may turn bad. This is something discussed during our consult call. I have a great flash that I know how to use for those low lit wedding situations or indoor studio sessions. 

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?


I do! I completely understand that weather and life can happen. In mine and yours!  If rescheduling exceeds more than 3-4 times in over a 6 month period, a new retainer fee will need to be made as I could have scheduled another session on those days. 

Do you have a rescheduling policy?


For any sessions, branding or otherwise, and weddings/elopements I travel outside of set parameters. Anything outside of traveling 45 minutes I will charge a travel feel. Most of those parameters are anything outside of Olympia and Seattle. I charge extra for Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, Leavenworth, eastern Washington, the Cascades, Washington coast, Oregon (from Portland, to Cannon Beach and all the way to Medford), and so on. Some places in Oregon I wont need lodging, unless it is Bend, then I will, but for the sake of my car and gas, that is what I charge for. 

Do you charge for travel?


My normal sessions are between 2 and 3 weeks. It is normally 2 weeks and I always, always get you sneak peeks over social media, but if it's during peak busy season (summer-Christmas) it could be up to 3 weeks. Don't be afraid to keep me honest and text me throughout the process!

How long until we receive the full digital gallery?


Asked Questions


Yes, absolutely!

ready to make some magic?