“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” —Pam Beesly

Do you feel like your area of expertise is saturated? Do you feel like you can't stand out because of this? I am here to tell you, that your area of expertise NEEDS YOU! You specifically!

Your brand is unique. YOU are unique. So, your photos should reflect all of that. I am here to do just that. We can sit over coffee or margs or wine and you can tell me all about you and your business. Then, we customize your session just for YOU! I want to take your business and elevate it. I want you to be seen.

I want to be known pushing the envelope with branding creativity. I want people to look at your photos and say "WOW". I want someone to see them and see ATP, but not for oh those look like everything else she's put out. I want them to look like YOU, to look different, to be creatively different. Let's create beauty out of your uniqueness.

Does that sound good? If so, lets chat. I am ready for that marg! 

you expect?

What can

Washington Branding Photographer

- Sarah D, Painter

"Allison was everything i was looking for in a photographer. i was ready to take my branding to the next level and she delivered! she was professional yet so enaging. she took an interest in me and made sure to capture my vision while bringing her own ideas. which provided a fresh look for my audience and a clear vision fo rme. i would absolutely recommend working with allison and i cant wait to do it again."

- Leah Justine, Country Music Singer

"working with allie is a breath of fresh air. she cares about details and is an amazing collaborator that helps develope and execute the vision for your shoot! she has a knack and eye for branding that is incredibly important for me as an artist and business owner. she captures fellings visually which makes incredible art."

- LoveLeighBlooms, Florist

"Allison is truly one of a kind! i have worked with her on many projects, my favorite being a branding shoot for photos for my website. she captured me in a way that made me feel beautiful and joyful. she's talented and kind. i cant wait to work with her again"

It is all dependent on your business and what you would like to see. If you are running a business I would suggest a branding session to showcase what you are selling, your product or what kind of services you provide. I can do something smaller called Bespoke Sessions which are smaller, but more frequent branding sessions or headshots for a more professional aspect. We start with a meeting and we sit down and talk about your wants and needs and we go from there! I tailor everything to tell your story. 

What kind of branding session do I need?


We will go over this in our meeting as we discuss every aspect; where, when, etc. Your clothes will need to be adjacent to your personality. What you feel comfortable in. Your clothes should reflect your business aesthetic and your style, personally. You get 2 or 3 outfit changes in a full branding session with me, so we can discuss a mix and match of business attire and casual. If we are doing a smaller session, I say business casual is the way to go. 

What should I wear during my session?


It depends on the type of business you own! If you own a smaller business with some sort of product, I love photographing your product in a studio where we can come up with several displays or flat lays. If you have a store front or office, I can always come to you!  If you work out of a kitchen, I again can come to you, or we can rent from any peerspace availability. The world is our oyster and we will discuss it during our meeting. 

Where should I take my branding photos?


While you will get a printing release in your gallery, in my contracts it states that you may use your photos on your website, social media's, linkedin, etc. You may also use them for billboards, brochures, flyers, posters, etc. You can use them for publications who ask for headshots in an article they are writing about you. The only thing you cannot do is make money off of the photos. IF someone comes to you to, please message me and I will contact whoever contacted you. I own full copyright to all the images.  If you would like to own copyright, then we will discuss how much. 

Where can I use my photos after my session?


Every studio is different. They can charge anywhere from $50 an hour to over $100 an hour. It depends on the kind of studio session you are wanting. Anything on peerspace with a kitchen or more house-like, will be more, but my Tacoma Studio I use is $85 an hour and the first hour comes in your session fee. Anything over an hour will be an additional fee. I know studios all the way from Portland to Tacoma to Seattle. There are so many different kinds! We will find one to your personality and aesthetic! 

Do you charge for a studio branding session?


My normal sessions are between 2 and 3 weeks. It is normally 2 weeks and I always, always get you sneak peeks over social media, but if it's during peak busy season (summer-Christmas) it could be up to 3 weeks.

How long until we receive the full digital gallery?


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Yes, absolutely!

ready to make some magic?