You will see throughout my website, I will have some of my favorite TV shows and movies quoted. Why, you may ask!? Well, honestly, that is me in a nutshell.

I love all things geeky. I first and foremost live for all things Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. Ten all the way, baby! I also love a bit of everything especially Parks and Rec (Ron and Leslie anyone?), the Office, Bones, the Crown, Call the Midwife, Supernatural and FRIENDS. I also love watching true crime and other documentaries that I cannot name on my website (Big Brother may come after me, haha!). I love tacos, mac mac chez (what we call mac n cheese) and wine. I am known to love a good IPA as well.

I can be super awkward at first because of my social anxiety, but once we start moving everything starts flowing! Having fun and making you laugh is one of my favorite parts of what I do. I love creating those memories and moments you can look back on and remember this time in your life. Those little details you don't ever want to forget. I will capture everything your heart desires. I want to make your experience just that, easy and unforgettable.

Hey , hi there! it's allie! 


Washington Wedding Photographer

Number of years I've spent doing what I love and documenting your stories


Number of times I've re-read the entire Harry Potter series. Muggles wouldn't understand ;)


Number of pugs we'd have if our house allowed it. Would love to get some pigmy goats some day!


Average number of hours spent staring at my computer each week.


Number of children I have. Riley, who just turned 13 & calls me BRUH, Logan, 11 and Keegan, 7. 


Random facts

Say less.. Let's book it!

"I reached out to Allison because I fell in love with her website. Little did I know, my fiancé knew her husband from a previous duty station! Small world, indeed! I knew we would be a great fit. She made us feel so comfortable and we had such a blast! I am still in love with my photos to this day!"
-Alexis & Cody

I have 3 boys that make me a mom. My oldest is 13, Riley. He's the most coordinated out of them and plays sports so well. Logan, 11, is my artist, my amazing weirdo. The way his mind woks is mind blowing. He's 100% out of the box. I can't believe it. Then, there is my 7 year old, Keegan. He is the fire out of all 3. That is what Keegan literally (said in Rob Lowes voice) means, little fire. I wouldn't be me without them. They are one of the inspirations for my name, Aim True. 

I could say so much about my husband. I can honestly say he was brought to me by God when I was at my darkest days. He helped bring me back into the light and I am so grateful that it's been 18 years since I met him. 18 years, y'all! We can be 100% silly with each other, make fun of each other, but still have the serious moments a couple needs. Our love of Star Wars, Home Improvement, along with a few other shows says so much about us. 



Photo by Brittany Tucker Photography

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